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Transformative Smile Correction: A Clinical Case Study

In the realm of modern dentistry, the fusion of technology and personalized care has paved the way for groundbreaking treatment outcomes. A recent clinical case, managed by Dr. A.V. Spesivtsev, stands as a testament to the potential of innovative dental solutions in addressing complex orthodontic issues. This article delves into the treatment parameters, challenges, and outcomes of a 27-year-old female patient who underwent a transformative smile correction procedure.

Patient Background and Diagnosis

The patient presented with several dental concerns that significantly impacted her oral health and aesthetics. The primary issues included:

Incisor Protrusion: The forward positioning of the incisors, which can affect bite alignment and facial profile.

Diastema: A noticeable gap between the teeth, particularly the front ones, which can be a cosmetic concern for many.

Incisor Angulation: Incorrect angulation of the incisor teeth, leading to an uneven smile line.

Lower Micrognathia: A condition characterized by an undersized lower jaw, contributing to bite misalignment and aesthetic concerns.

These conditions were not only cosmetic but also impacted the patient's bite and overall dental health.


Treatment Strategy:

Dr. Spesivtsev devised a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to address each of the patient's concerns effectively. The plan involved the use of advanced orthodontic appliances – clear aligners, known for their aesthetics and comfort.

Upper Jaw Treatment: 16 aligners were custom-made for the upper jaw, designed to gradually shift the teeth into their correct positions.

Lower Jaw Treatment: 24 aligners were similarly used for the lower jaw, catering to the more complex adjustments needed due to micrognathia.

Midway through the treatment, a revision was conducted, adding 6 aligners for both jaws to refine the tooth positions and achieve optimal results.

Material and Retention

The aligners were crafted from Multilayer PTU, a material chosen for its durability, comfort, and translucency, making the treatment less noticeable. Post-treatment retention was managed with wire retainers, ensuring the teeth remain in their new positions and preventing Relapse.

Virtual Setup


The treatment culminated in a remarkable transformation. The diastema was successfully closed, and the patient's bite corrected, leading to a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing smile. Moreover, the correction of incisor protrusion and angulation significantly improved her facial profile and oral function.

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This clinical case underscores the efficacy of clear aligners in managing complex orthodontic issues and achieving substantial aesthetic and functional improvements. Dr. Spesivtsev's expertise, coupled with the use of advanced materials and a patient-centric approach, facilitated a life-changing smile transformation. Such cases highlight the evolving landscape of dental care, where personalized treatments and innovative technologies converge to enhance patient outcomes.

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