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Your patients are excited about orthodontic aligners but costly vendor fees prevent many from accepting treatment. Now, eXceed has made high-quality aligner treatment far more affordable!

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Pricing Model
USD 230/280 for the 3D aligner plan (including two free refinements)
USD 21/aligner
Pricing Examples

We have assembled a few examples showing the breakdown and total pricing for some of the most common cases

Get Started
Number of Aligners 10 20 30 40
Planning 230 230 280 280
Production 210 420 630 840
Total (USD) 440 650 910 1120
Submit Patient Records
Submit Patient
3D Aligners' Plan
Approve 3D Aligners'
Order Necessary Aligners
Order Necessary
Deliver Aligners to Patient
Deliver Aligners
to Patient
Top Quality Aligners

Paying less does not mean you have to settle on quality. All eXceed aligners are fabricated using the leading, three-layer Zendura ® FLX foils, offering new levels of flexibility, strength, and resilience. Our aligners are not only more comfortable to wear and less prone to breakage but can also be changed more frequently, thus allowing a shorter treatment duration.

What is the turnaround time for the 3D Aligner's plan?

Up to 5 business days

What is the turnaround time for the aligners?

Up to 10 business days

What are the refinement terms?

Two refinements are included in the price of the plan, in addition to the original design. Please note that this applies only to the design portion and the aligners are priced separately.

Who plans the treatment?

All treatments are planned by certified dental technicians and are later reviewed by a supervising orthodontist.

Which aligner material is used?

We use high-quality, multi-layer, Zendura® FLX, exclusively

Where are the aligners manufactured?

In a US-based, FDA-approved, production facility

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