More information on eXceed In-office aligners production

Getting Started
What is the eXceed workflow?

The process is the same as with the traditional aligner vendors, the only difference being that with eXceed, instead of delivering finished aligners we make available the aligners' print files.

eXceed Office Production Workflow eXceed Office Workflow (Click to Enlarge)

Does eXceed also produce aligners?

No. If you are not ready to produce aligners in-house, we can recommend on labs that will be happy to produce finished aligners from the eXceed print files.

Case Submission
Which records are requested by eXceed?

a) an STL scan made of two separate arches oriented in correct occlusion; b) intra-oral and facial images; c) a panoramic X-ray; and d) case objectives. All data should be uploaded to the customer’s eXceed page (“my eXceed”).

Which scan files are accepted by eXceed?

We accept STL files from all intra-oral or desktop scanners, provided the quality is good. Moreover, eXceed has a direct integration with the iTeroCS 3700Trios, and the CEREC intra-oral scanners, which means that you can easily share a scan with eXceed without having to manually upload the files.

Does eXceed accept PVS impressions or physical models?

No, we can only accept STL scan files.

Planning Stage
What is the eXceed turn-around time?

Plans are posted within up to 5 business days. The count starts from the moment we have all necessary records.  Print files are ready within up to 4 business hours from approval.

Where does eXceed produce the plans?

We have two planning teams – in Germany and in Russia.

What does it take to become an eXceed Design Planner?

All our planners are certified dental technicians who go through a rigorous 4-months training program before they can become accepted as eXceed team members.

Are all eXceed Plans being reviewed by an Orthodontist?

Yes, every plan is inspected and verified by a certified orthodontist prior to being made available. In fact, only the orthodontist can make the plan visible to the customer.

Does eXceed use attachments to improve treatment outcome?

Yes, attachments are used to better control mesial rotation, extrusion and bodily movements

How does eXceed stage the increments?

Using our proprietary software and experience gained from thousands of cases, we ensure that all movement types are clinically attainable, performing increments of up to 0.25 mm in each aligner. We would typically move the molars, then premolars and only then the anterior teeth to avoid possible interferences.

Revisions and Refinements
How can I review, adjust and approve the eXceed Plans?

Most customers use the cloud-based and mobile-friendly eXceed 3D Browser to review, revise and approve their plans. Experienced users may also utilize the eXceed Pro Software to adjust the plans. Both platforms are free of charge.

What is the difference between a Revision and a Refinement?

A Revision is a request to adjust the plan prior to approval. A Refinement is a post-approval request for a mid-course correction.

How many times can the eXceed plan be revised prior to approval?

As many as necessary, until the customer is fully satisfied with the Plan.

Are Refinements included in the eXceed fee?

In the eXceed Office Plan, the fee includes one free refinement.